Huge Organic Heirloom Blackberry Cuttings from WA


Huge Organic Heirloom Blackberry Cuttings from WA

Get 10 fresh cuttings of our Huge Organic Heirloom Blackberry Cuttings from the Independence Creek Farms in SouthWestern WA State. Great for permaculture food forests!

These are cuttings from mature plants that will usually produce in your first year depending on when you root and plant them! The picture of the Huge blackberries on this listing is from these exact plants you will receive and they have huge berries and a very heavy yield without irrigation or fertilizer on our organic farm.

These are non-rooted cuttings of 8″ – 12″ in length with a diameter of pencil sized or larger (most are somewhat larger)

Normal price when available is $14.99 for a quantity of 10

Shipping information – These organic heirloom blackberry cuttings are shipped fresh cut same day in a ziplock bag wrapped in slightly moist paper  towel. Shipping and handling is $4.99 for 10 and 2.49 for each additional 10 cuttings in the continental US. (Please email for shipping prices outside of the continental US)