Independence Creek

Independence Creek Farms Home Page, Welcome!

Independence Creek Farms is an all organic family farm and permaculture food forest in Southwestern Washington. We are located near Rochester WA and the historic town of Independence, WA. and are part of the Chehalis River Drainage.

Hello, from our family at Independence Creek Farms!

We are a family owned all organic farm, homestead and permaculture food forest in Independence Valley of Washington State. We are working to plant and perfect our medicinal permaculture food forest and farm. We specialize in Best Natural Plant Genetics without GMO!

– Independence Creek Farm – We are blessed to have Independence Creek flowing and winding through our family farm. The creek has many beaver dams, swimming holes several waterfalls with jumping salmon, steelhead and cutthroat trout while in season. We have a pristine mixed conifer and hardwood rainforest loaded with heritage berries rich in anthocyanins on the farm. Independence creek has salmon, steelhead, cutthroat trout, bass, bluegill, catfish, and crawfish swimming in its tributaries.on Independence Creek with waterfalls  running through it.

– Our Family Homestead Heritage – We are building Independence Creek Farms from the viewpoint of prior natural health foods professionals and from decades of work in medical and scientific fields studying key medicinal plants pharmacology including preventive health and potential therapeutic usages. Our family is blessed to also have an abundance of old school farming experience for many generations.

Our farms nursery propagation is focused in perennial, medicinal, heritage, heirlooms, permaculture and specialized hybrids that serve homesteading permaculture and natural healing. We are very interested in continuing innovations in polyculture farming system designs, development for mixed use forest farming in Washington State and Northwestern US Department of Agriculture Climate Zones of  7 8A 8B 9 and 10. We also maintain a Tree Farm of mixed species conifers on most every acre of our farm.

Permaculture Heirloom and Hybrid  Genetics Program – Our heritage plant genetics plant propagation program is oriented towards propagation and sourcing of; locally proven high yield, disease resistant, and temperature hardy heritage heirloom and hybrid varieties of plants.

We have a major focus on high anthocyanin producing perennials and annuals and other best companion plants for permaculture and soil development complimentary to “No-till” methods of soil development.

– The Genetics of Medicinal Perennial Plants and Vegetables Program:

Our “Organic Super Foods Blue CSA Share Boxes” are a tasty selection of high anthocyanin containing medicinal dark blue and black berries and vegetables. CSA Share Programs include share boxes of heritage and heirloom berries and purple vegetables rich with antioxidants picked fresh in season.

The Purple Patch Antho-Power ™ – “Purple Patch Gardens” Yield Anthocyanin Rich, High Potency Antioxidant plants. Harvest products including fruits, juice, essential oils, tinctures and dried powder versions of medicinal quality anthocyanin extracts and pathway specific nutraceutical analogs

– Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Currants, Gooseberries, Josta berries, growing and propagation

– Elderberries, buffalo berries, honey berries, evergreen huckleberries, growing and propagation

– Our Heritage Orchard Stone Fruits Program:

– Apple Cultivars propagation including; juicing apples, cider apples, and table apples

– Malus ssp. Rootstocks: testing propagation and cultivation

– Cherry cultivars and propagation including juicing cherries cider cherries and table cherries

– Mazzard ssp. Rootstocks: testing propagation and cultivation

– Plum and Prune cultivars and propagation including juicing plums cider plums, dried prunes, and table plums

– Prunus ssp. Rootstocks: testing propagation and cultivation

Medicinal Super Foods CSA Shares Coming Soon! **Get on the CSA Share waiting list for our upcoming “Purple Patch” CSA Fresh Foods Share Boxes!!

“The Purple Patch Antho-Power ™ Box” Shares – Our farm has a Blue Heirloom Vegetables Growing Program includes; purple kale, red kale, purple broccoli, purple and red cabbage, purple asparagus, purple potatoes, purple black and dark red heirloom tomatoes, purple and black eggplants, purple lettuce, purple basil, purple arugula, purple korabi, purple pole beans, purple red and black carrots, and other black red and purple vegetable types.

“Brewer’s Fusion Heritage Fruits Box” Shares – If you are a craft or micro brewer You might enjoy this new share box designed for hard cider and craft brewers for flavor fusion uses in brewing including medicinal fruits and berries cherries, plums and hard cider apples. Please ask about bulk shares!

“World Tour of Heritage Apples Box” Shares -Washington State is the center of the Apple Universe and we have a CSA share box for you to try a huge variety of apples including but not limited to; Honeycrisp, Cosmiccrisp, Heritage Apple Cider Apples, crab apples, table apples, huge apples, golden apples, blush apples sharp apples, stout apples, bitter apples, green apples, and so many more!

Permaculture Nursery

Our permaculture nursery will be producing mostly perennial plants needed to plant permaculture forestry ecosystems that are self-sustaining and propagate perennials that are in high demand. We will be focused on edible plants from edible ground covers all the way up to the upper forest canopy and companion plants.

Companion plants, nitrogen fixing plant species, and soil development plant species will be actively cultivated, cloned, and seed propagated once we are fully underway as a nursery.

Seed Bank and Cuttings Bank

We will be planting a large variety of mother plants and seed plants to make available for farmers.  We will propagate some great plants for permaculture development and local hardy species of vigorous fruits nuts and perennial shrubs.

Open pollinated seeds will be germinated to hold over and pot up progressively. We also like to do row cultivation of rootstocks and saplings from seeds and clones for 1 to 3 years. Plant Survival can be improved by using larger caliper sized plants to when planting out in the wild to semi-wild forest environment,


We are making plans to obtain a permit hoping to raise native species of Cutthroat Trout, Sturgeon, and Catfish native to Independence Creek and the Chehalis River Drainage.

Mushroom Culture

We are also planning to cultivate high value mushrooms both inside a mushroom growing house and outside in inoculated logs.

Links: For more information on each of our focus areas you can click on the linked titles above to go to each respective section of the website.