Organic Heirloom Berry Farming

Organic Heirloom Berry Farming Pages, Welcome!

We are focused intensely on berry farming here at Independence Creek Farms! We have set up a page for each type of organic heirloom berries we are farming and propagating. Several of our favorite varieties of organic berries we farm will be made available for purchase in our Permaculture Nursery.

Redneck Golden Retriever Picks and Eats His Own Berries – We knew we had a Redneck Golden Retriever when we saw he could pick his own berries to eat from some of our huge organic heirloom blackberry vines!

Berry Trellis – Have you ever tried making a Berry Trellis? Berry trellising means you grow climbing or crawling berries on a trellis to make them easier to pick and manage. You can also form perry trellis plants into ornate shapes like arches columns and umbrellas with berrie hanging down for easy picking.