Independence Creek Permaculture Nursery

Independence Creek Permaculture Nursery Pages, Welcome!

We established Independence Creek Permaculture Nursery in SW Washington State as a way of making some extra money while propagating the hard to find and essential permaculture and companion plants that grow best in the Pacific Northwest Climate.

Our permaculture nursery is focused on all organic heirloom plant species with a natural hardiness for the climate of the Southwest portion of Washington State. We are also focussed on finding and sourcing seeds and plants from other permaculture nurseries that we grow and transfer into bigger pots.

Our approach to permaculture is designed to propagate permaculture nursery plants that work well in companion planting arrays or as we like to call them, “Permaculture Islands.”

Permaculture Islands – An example of a Permaculture Island would be a large irregular mound with large trees in the center, dwarf trees surrounding them, large bushes below the edges of the dwarf trees, small to medium shrubs surrounding the large bushes and nitrogen fixers mixed in within the root zone and ground cover plants both shade tolerant and full sun across the whole Island. To read more about our Permaculture Islands approach to establishing a food forest please visit this link:

Permaculture Orchards – We talk about permaculture orchards sometimes as the plants we are using are centrally themed from the top of the canopy down and include conifers and broadleafs with a major focus on orchard trees. We don’t fit the permaculture orchard model perfectly however because we do not plant in rows or grids or any other monoculture conforming method. The orchard trees we are growing are apples, cherries, plums, pears, figs, paw paw, chestnuts, filberts, walnuts and almonds. Below the dwarf variety pomes and stone fruits we are planting a large variety of berries including huckleberries, blueberries, blackberries, currants, gooseberries, raspberries, marionberries, strawberries, and other rare berries that do well in SW Washington State.

Permaculture Cuttings – We make available cuttings from our mother plants for you to use and establish your own permaculture plants. Below is a list of the kinds of cuttings we have available at varying times throughout the year.

Organic Heirloom Berry Cuttings:

Blackberry Cuttings – 10 pencil sized or larger cuttings 8 – 12″ long

Marion Berry Cuttings – 10 pencil sized or larger cuttings 8 – 12″ long

Raspberry Cuttings: 10 pencil sized or larger cuttings 8 – 12″ long

Salmon Berry Cuttings – 10 pencil sized or larger cuttings 8 – 12″ long

Organic Heirloom Tree Cuttings:

Vine Maple Cuttings – 10 pencil sized or larger cuttings 8 – 12″ long

Curly Willow Cuttings – 10 pencil sized or larger cuttings 8 – 12″ long

Independence Creek Farms Cuttings Prices:

The above cuttings include 10 each for $9.99 + shipping and handling